Glamour Boudoir

Cape Town Boudoir Photographer - Intimate Art

I have over 9 years experience in boudoir sessions and I place a high value on developing a connection with each of my clients, which will ensure I am able to create real and gorgeous images.


One of the most incredible gifts a woman can receive is being able to see herself as beautiful, strong and sexy. We would love to give that experience to you.

What sets me apart from other Boudoir Photographers is my commitment to providing a safe and encouraging environment for women, building trust and creating beautiful pieces of editorial-style art you will enjoy for years to come.

My years of experiences shows in my work and how I makes all my clients feel before, during and after their session. I will guide you and show off your best features and in that way I makes you feel beautiful and positive about yourself which is my Goal to achieve in every session.


I offer bachelorette parties in studio which are elegant and fun sessions for you and your bridesmaids...each lady gets their hair and makeup done professionally and can choose to do a glamour or boudoir shoot with me at the party. See more information on the elegant parties below.




This Woman's Day

THIS WOMAN's Day - I am sharing Miss M's story...the winner of my yearly YUMMY MUMMY competition...she is just stunning! With Anchen Crossland - Hair, Makeup & Beauty

Boudoir - Behind the Scenes - Miss N some behind the scenes of me working on a boudoir session with a gorgeous lady. Images and video used with clients permission.

Couple session

COUPLE SESSIONS - Intimate photography

Couples Boudoir is an intimate session designed to remind you of the connection between the two of you!

Couples boudoir sessions can range from being fun and playful, to super sexy and intimate. Yes, there are rules – we don’t want to get too out of hand! But overall the sessions are sexy and fun, and a reminder to couples of the connection that they share.

My couples boudoir clients have been thrilled with their images, so much so that they hang them in their homes! Wall art is a fantastic way to show off your beautiful portraits, and couples portraits are unique and different.