Couple Boudoir - The perfect Gift for both of you!

Couples Boudoir is an intimate session designed to remind you of the connection between the two of you!

Couples boudoir sessions can range from being fun and playful, to super sexy and intimate. Yes, there are rules – we don’t want to get too out of hand! But overall the sessions are sexy and fun, and a reminder to couples of the connection that they share.

My couples boudoir clients have been thrilled with their images, so much so that they hang them in their homes! Wall art is a fantastic way to show off your beautiful portraits, and couples portraits are unique and different.

1 Do you take pictures of us... actually getting busy?

Oh definitely not. Let‘s be real: what looks good doesn‘t necessarily feel good, and vice versa. We want to capture the intimacy between you as a couple, and will take a variety of photos. Some that you are comfortable hanging on your bedroom wall, some that are racier and definitely hot! The photos that you love the most might feel super weird when you‘re in the moment, the poses might feel awkward. Plus, with me in your face, it‘s not quite as sexy as you may think. If that ever becomes a concern, we will take a quick break to chill and grab some water.

2. What do we wear, what will look best? This is a question I get for ALL of my sessions! Once your session is confirmed, we can set up a time to talk further and really go through your ideas, and what I have found looks best. As previously mentioned, usually we take a variety of shots, which can be a variety of outfits!


3.  What happens with our photos, are they private? ALL of my client photos are 100% private unless you choose to share them, in writing. You can choose to share some of them, all of them, or none of them, and I am completely okay with any of those options!


4. What will my guy do during hair and makeup? That is completely up to him! I am happy to recommend some coffee shops around the area, or he is welcome to snack and relax with you while we chat! I have amazing coffee, snacks and champagne available.