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Time really does fly when you have a little one in your life and we need to cherish and capture the memories before they are gone. This session is exactly that, celebrating your toddler’s very first birthday with a cake smash moment… Applicable to 1 year old's only


Should I bring any props?
No, this shoot requires no props, I supply all the props for the event including the cake they smash – designs available for boy/girl.

What should my child wear?
Try to let your toddler wear something that he/she can really make a mess in…ha ha…trust me sometimes they really have a “SMASHING” time. Please note that the item maybe stained from the coloured icing. A nappy only would be preferred. For girls I have various tutu's available with headbands which we could use on them and for the boys I have ties & little suspenders available. Red, Blue and Black icing are the more tricky to get out of bear this in mind.

Must I supply the cake?
No, the cake will be supplied by me. Don’t worry about the studio I will have a plastic sheet on the floor that can be cleaned after the session. You will need to give me 2 colours that you want on the cake.

Can I include my other children?
Yes we can take a few images before the cake smashing session with family and siblings and then a few after the smash session, so you can get the “before” and “after” effect.

What must I bring along to the session?
Because little one will really have a smashing time, their clothes might get really dirty so please bring a spare set of clothes along that they can change into after the session. You would not want any cake all over your car seats. Also the little ones sometimes hang on mom and dad so if you are planning to go out after the shoot maybe bring a spare set of clothes for yourselves.

What is best time to schedule the shoot?
The best time is early mornings as we want your little one to be wide awake and in a happy mood. Choose a time about a half an hour after their nap time. This will prevent those puffy eyes and our toddler will be very playful.

You can see examples of the cake smash shoots on my Pinterest profile: Cake Smash Images

Please note that not all babies will "smash" the cake as you might think they do. We never force them either so the shoot will run according to their pace and guide them where necessary. If we are running out of time I will advise this and you will need to decide if you wish to continue with the smashing shoot or to start with the bubble bath shoot.


Cake Smash

Cake Smash Session in studio


Otherwise if your little one is not into the whole cake smash thing why not book a Turning One session which can be done in studio or outdoors.

Decor supplied and there is no cake to be smashed perfect if you just want to capture them doing their thing!