Will he like boudoir photos as a gift?
Thursday, June 01, 2017
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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Something I hear a lot from my clients doing a boudoir shoot as a gift for her groom/husband/partner:

‘I hope he likes it!’



I think it’s natural for us as women to have that little twinge of self doubt and uncertainty when it comes to being vulnerable, especially when you are stripping down to your skivvies and getting in front of the camera to have a boudoir shoot. It’s nerve wracking and thrilling at the same time, your heart skips a beat in anticipation and there are butterflies in your stomach.


Sure, you get dolled up for nights out together, but you’ve never seen yourself quite like this before…and neither has he. Think about that for a second.  He already loves and adores you…and now he gets to see you, his dream girl, looking absolutely STUNNING.


He will be speechless. He will giggle. He will have a bigger smile than you’ve ever seen before.


Ready to take the leap and book your shoot?


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Samantha Jackson - Morning Nicole,

I would love to capture you. How i work is i have a pre-consult meeting with all my clients to discuss the shoot and catalogue, we then finalise your shoot date and start planning towards it. After the shoot i do a REVEAL session where you get to view your images with me and choose a COLLECTION or a PRODUCT to place your images into. The booking fee is R1800 which includes the shoot and the hair and makeup only. You then choose a collection or a product where you choose your images from the shoot to go into one of these options.

Let me know if we can arrange a meeting. I will email you the catalogue shortly. Thanks again Samantha
Nicole - Good day

I would love to find out more about your packages and specials?