Wild horses of Kleinmond
Tuesday, July 02, 2019
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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For anyone that knows me you will know i have a deep passion for horses...i absolutely adore them and my dream of seeing the wild horses of Namibia will soon follow but for now i got to see the wild horses that roam the Rooisand Nature Reserve near Kleinmond, a small coastal town in the Overberg region of the Western Cape.  


In all, there are about , 20 wild horses roaming free on about 500hectares of wetlands near the mouth of the Botrivier and another 15 in Fisherhaven on the other side of the lagoon.


“It is a surreal experience to watch as they graze in the shallow marshy land or canter across the dunes, and i got to watch them have a moment sorting out the hierachy amongst themselves...


There are plenty of stories about where the horses originate. Some say they are descendants of horses hidden in the vlei during the Anglo-Boer War. One of the more trusted theories is that they were brought to the area by early Dutch settlers and survived a massive cull when the role of horses on farms became redundant.


Nevertheless they are stunning to watch...i could have sat their all day...i plan to go back again and definitely capture more of these amazing horses.


Check out more about these horses https://www.hermanusonline.mobi/hermanus-blog/latest-news-of-the-wild-horses-at-rooisand-nature-reserve-near-kleinmond

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