This is BADASS!! Couple Boudoir is the INTHING! (copy)
Friday, May 11, 2018
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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Couple Boudoir - It's BAD ASS!

Would You and Your Partner Do a Couples Boudoir Shoot?


Ever Considered a Couples Boudoir Shoot?


It might sound super awkward, but it can actually be really romantic.

Gifting your partner a private collection of sultry photos of you is a sweet, sexy reminder that married life isn’t only about paying bills, visiting in-laws and setting up your new place. It’s about emotional and physical intimacy (date night and time to yourselves!). So why not turn the heat up in front of the camera together?


Doesn't sound like omething you'd ever be into? 


You’d be amazed at who walks through the door of my studio.

There’s this stigma around couples boudoir that you have to have your freak flag on display at full mast all the time in order to enjoy a session. It’s not really accurate from the couples I’ve shared the couples boudoir experience with.


Many of my clients are dating or married. Some have kids. Many are deeply and madly in love. Others are looking to feel that spark again during this session.


All of my couples shared a good laugh at some point during their session, and those moments create some of my favorite images.  They too thought they would NEVER do something like this...and afterwards they could not stop SMILING and THANKING me.


You Get to Spend Time Together 

How often do you and your partner get to just hang out in bed in your underwear? Maybe for an hour on a weekend morning before you have to meet friends for breakfast, return a pair of jeans or rush to a cake tasting. Give in to the moment and relish in the chance to cozy up with your favorite person ever with no obligation other than to be in love, feel sexy and let loose. Do we really have to twist your arm? 


So why not do a session with me? All sessions are confidential and i do a pre-consultation meeting with you both to discuss the look/feel of your session and explain the session in detail.



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