Things to do before the kids wake up
Friday, April 05, 2019
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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So i am a little off photography topic today.

As a mom, business owner and wife i find it so hard juggling everything all at once...every day i find it harder and harder to find time for MYSELF.

9 Things to Do for Yourself for all the mommies out there


Well i am not naturally an early bird but as most of you mom's know that we don't really have much of a choice anymore so now that we have to kinda get up in the morning, for me it has become a precious time of the day that you don’t want to waste. Scratch that — that you can’t waste.

1. Work it. Or rather, work out. Forget about going to the gym: The round trip takes way too much time, and you’re on a tight schedule. Living room yoga, bedroom Pilates, or dancing around the playroom to your fave tunes are all easy (and totally valid) ways to exercise before the early risers actually rise. I often bounce around the kitchen while the kettle is boiling before my morning coffee (ha ha) you don't want to see me doing this. Or spend some time playing the dogs throwing the ball, great fun watching them bounce around.


2. Sit silently. The kids are noisy. (Seriously noisy.) But the house is quiet now — almost eerily so. Take full advantage! DONT run around making lunches and putting together the baby bag. Pour a cup of coffee, curl up in a comfy chair, turn your phone/tablet/laptop off, and just be. This is “me time” at its best. I often do that...basically just have some ME coffee time, finishing my coffee before i wake everyone up to start my day!


3. Pursue a passion project: No, not the romantic kind (we’ll get to that). We’re talking about something that you really, truly, absolutely enjoy, but don’t “have” to do. Maybe it’s scrapbooking your memories or sorting out your cupboards (this is a joke ok) Whatever you love, love, love doing, do it during the early morning hours. For me its thinking about how to package up my client orders or making my newborn props but especially thinking of ways to make my studio look better each time..

4. Keep connected. Take this time to send a text, write an email, or connect with your friends in some other way. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and you’ll get to keep your relationships going.


5. Dress up. Okay, maybe not dress up up. But you can use this time to outfit yourself in something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt. Pick out an outfit that you feel comfortable and kind of stylish in. Heck, take the time to try on a few adorable options. Or have some professional hair and makeup done ha ha...something i am enjoying to have done

6. Perfect your pampering. Suddenly the word “pamper” has gone from what you do on spa days to what you put on your baby’s bottom — and it shouldn’t be that way. Whether you have 15 minutes or a full hour, you have time for a little beautification and self-indulgence. don't feel guilty at all for doing this deserve it! Nails, lashes and wine...yummmmeee!


7. Do a date morning. For YOU...ha ha...with a walk on the beach

8. Arrange adult activities. Again, no, we’re not talking about the bedroom kind of adult activities. This is more of a “get caught up on current events” or “series


9. Be the un-mommy. Break free from mom mode by doing at least one thing that has absolutely nothing to do with mothering or your child. Use some time to feel like you again. For me its being able to have a bath...on my own...with no-one around or going for coffee and cake…(when i feel like treating myself)


I love being a mom and spending time with my me its amazing


but there is nothing wrong with spending time with YOU, YOURSELF AND I!



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