Surprise Marriage Proposal on Table Mountain
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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Oliver contacted me in July with plans to propose to his girlfriend Becca in January 2018.


We secretly communicated for months  leading up to the big day. It was all cloak & dagger and so exciting, makes me believe I would have made a great spy. 


The evening was beautiful and wind free as I made my way up in the cable car with Oliver still behind me in the queue. We were messaging secretly then entire time and Oliver even sent me an image of him and Becca so i could recognise them when they walked off the cable car...


When i spotted them i had so follow them around without being noticed...not easy when you are kitted out with massive cameras on either side of you...but luckily Becca had no idea. 


I felt like a "spy" or should i say "stalker"


Becca and Oliver walked hand in hand around the top of Table Mountain {Becca not realising he was finding the perfect spot}.  He took her  to an awesome ledge overlooking Cape Town and they both stared out at the breathtaking scenery...then when she turned to face him, Oliver was down on one bent knee at the edge of the mountain, over-looking beautiful Cape Town, when Becca realised that this was THE moment.


Then every photographer stresses for that moment...if it all goes to plan...


and IT DID, Becca said yes. And kissed Oliver… a lot.  For Oliver the moment he had planned for months, all went down so beautiful and it was a beautiful moment to be a part of.


Oliver & Becca, thank you for letting me tell this beautiful start to your story {and for being so incredibly fun, relaxed and adventurous}

I wish you both a lifetime of endless adventures, romantic surprises and mountains of happiness. Come back and visit soon.

All my love, Samantha xx




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