SEXY IN YOUR OWN SKIN - Cape Town Boudoir Photographer
Tuesday, October 01, 2019
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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It’s funny, I write these things and I don’t know if anyone ever reads them. Really, you came to a gallery page to see photos, right? But the powers that be (Google) says that I have to have some text as well, so HERE I AM writing some more blog posts...

“The sexiest curve on your body is your smile.” I looked up the author of this quote and can’t find it, but it is a favorite for me.


As I was creating this gallery, I had tears in my eyes. Looking at all of these beautiful women, knowing their stories, how nervous they were, their insecurities…

GAH more tears!


There is a reason that it has been said I offer the best boudoir experience in Cape Town. Because I can help you feel sexy in your own skin. Just as you are, right now.

And to me, that is what this gallery represents.


Women who all came in for their experience, insecure, annoyed with something on their bodies, frustrated that a part of them wasn’t the way that they wanted it at that point in time. But they all relaxed. They all let down their guard and let me in. And we laughed together.

And they were reminded that they are valuable, powerful, and above all – WORTH IT.

Worth love. Worth respect. Worth dignity, appreciate, and consideration.

These women came in for a boudoir experience not knowing what to expect – and left feeling amazing.


“It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.” – Dita Von Teese


THAT is what boudoir is all about. Embracing yourself, exactly as you are. Right now. Even if you’re 10 kgs heavier than you want to be. Even if you can’t get your hair to sit just right. Even if you have a weird scar on your back that you’re self conscious about.

NONE OF THOSE THINGS make you the woman that you are. They are pieces of you, they are not YOU.

Embrace yourself. As a woman. As an individual. As someone who is worth everything you desire.


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Samantha Jackson - Hi Andrea
Well done for taking this step to do this session it truly is an amazing experience and gift.
I will email you shortly all the info.
Andrea - Hi Samantha
I hope you are well.
Im interested to do a boudoir photoshoot as a wedding present to my fiancé.
Could you please tell me how much a photoshoot like that will cost? Thank you in advance.