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Friday, March 20, 2020
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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Hey everyone!  

Today I want to talk about a type of photography I do that many of you may be unaware of.  

I am mostly recognized for my family, newborn and boudoir photography, but I also do a lot of personal branding photography for clients.


What is personal branding, you ask?  To put it most simply, your personal branding is you.

It encompasses your style, your vision, your online presence, your business.  It even includes your color palette.  But it is also more than that - it is the feeling clients get when they work with you or visit your website; it is the experience you give them.  You want people to recognize your brand, to understand your vision, and to know what your company is all about.  And, one very important way to do this is with your visuals and the images you put on your website and marketing materials.  

Creative and energetic personal branding images will connect your clients to your brand and attract your ideal clients to your business.  Why images?  Because people feel things with visual imagery.


What about you? Why should you consider a branded shoot? Think about these three things:

  • Random unprofessional images will not truly showcase your business.

  • It will save time to have a branded shoot. All the photos will be taken in bulk, and you can use these images on all your social media platforms throughout the year.

  • Professional images will stand out to your clients and show them that you mean business.

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