Newborn Art - Shiloh
Monday, May 07, 2018
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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Little Shiloh made his first appearance in his very own home session with me in March. What an absolute angel so perfect in every way...could have spent the entire day capturing this little guy but unfortunately he was hungry and tired alot ha ha so, we had to call the session short.  His mom, Tammy and her parents were amazing hosts. I just love capturing sessions at clients home it gives me a great escape from the office (studio) and i get to work with all sorts of lighting in clients homes..just love the challange and being able to product images my clients will cherish forever.  Little Shiloh was already a month old for his session so usually these curled up poses are done between 4 and 10 days old so already a challenge for me to capture him but i managed to get some image for his mom and grandparents.  Shiloh's mom opted for me to try and do a studio style shoot but at her home.


Timing is everything when it comes to newborn photography.  For an in studio newborn baby photo session I like to try and get the babies into my Milnerton Studio before they are two weeks of age.  When we are looking to obtain those sleepy, posed shots the younger the baby the better.  A baby that is fresh and new is much more likely to provide me with a deep sleep allowing me to work with their tiny bodies to achieve those uber adorable shots.  They are also very flexible at this age and quite enjoy being curled up and cozy while asleep just as they were in your womb.


Time is also key during an in studio newborn session because it’s important that we wait until the baby is settled into that nice, deep sleep before I start to work with them.  This process can be lengthy and patience is everything.  My studio is fully equipped with all the props, hats for baby, as well as its "toasty warm" to make them comfy for their session. Mom and Dad get a full view of the session behind the full glass doors, the "Glass Bowl" as i call they don't have to be in the "heat zone".  For the lifestyle sessions little one can be sligthly older of course, as we don't pose them at all or very little.

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