Newborn Art - No digital backgrounds all natural
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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In the last year or so, there has been a new trend in newborn and baby photography – using digital backgrounds.  To the non-photographer, basically it is where photographers take a photo – typically an elaborate setup that’s difficult and/or time consuming to do – and sell that image to other photographers who can take a photograph of their client and use Photoshop to stitch the two images together.


I do love the idea of digital backgrounds and it would absolutely be a time-saver for photographers who do more elaborate setups for their clients but My personal style is to create a unique Newborn Art piece using my own props, flowers and i love being unique and giving my clients their very OWN Art piece which is one of a kind.


 For other photographers who do though, I can completely understand the allure of digital backgrounds.  I guess for me though, I don’t feel 100% comfortable buying someone else’s work to use as my own. 


While scrolling through Facebook I often see two different photographers who have used the same digital backdrop for their clients, resulting in an almost identical image except for the little baby that has been digitally placed in the background.  For me personally, I prefer to create something unique in every session for my clients. You can see some of my creations using flowers, furs, and all sorts of styling (all safe for baby).

I am addicted now in creating unique setups for every session...and am growing a collection of flowers, props, bowls to create these works of Newborn Art.


So if you are keen for me to make ART with your newborn baby and offer you a unique collection then contact me to book your session.  For these type of sessions its ideal to book the session when baby is between 4 and 10 days old, it makes all the difference and makes for a happy and relaxed baby.





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