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Wednesday, October 03, 2018
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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Discovering Beauty In Boudoir - The reason I love capturing boudoir photoshoots

Boudoir - Behind the Scenes

You are GORGEOUS. Don’t EVER doubt that. Wanting to feel beautiful is not a bad thing, but don’t you know you are beautiful for just being confident and yourself?



You are as beautiful as the woman in the magazine, or the model on Pinterest.


Today i am sharing my latest behind the scenes video of why i love what i do and showing you just how beautiful you truly are...


One of my favorite things about being asked to photograph a woman for a boudoir collection before a wedding or anniversary is watching her go from fearing taking off her robe to laughing and posing.


Many times, for the first time, she is forced to consider how naturally beautiful she is. It’s not easy to be vulnerable and step out of the clothing many of us hide under because of our insecurities about being imperfect.


You can’t shy away from imperfections when you’re being captured by the lens of a camera; YOU FINALLY SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU TRULY ARE!


The purpose is just as much for YOURSELF as your PARTNER.


The desire to live up to what women look like in magazines and sample pictures you find on Pinterest really are not far-fetched. Your body is TRULY that beautiful.


The photos you show me and ask me to replicate so you look like her  CAN BE DONE, but not because of Photoshop or some hidden skill I have as a photographer.


It is because of YOU.


I can find the best angles and the most flattering light, but when it is all said and done, the reason you are so amazed by how lovely they turn out is because you are finally seeing the truth. Despite what society says is wrong with you and all the times you were afraid to look at your body for fear of once again finding something to hate, you are seeing yourself as if for the first time. You are seeing what the lens sees, what your husband sees and, most importantly, what you should see. And that is just the exterior! The most beautiful part was watching as your walls crumbled and you became comfortable in your own skin.


We didn’t have to exploit you like a porn star or make you feel like you were an object because you are far more important than that. You stepped out of your comfort zone and embraced your femininity and raw beauty.


YOU CAN FINALLY realise what it feels like to love yourself.

TESTIMONIAL What did the stunning Mrs C have to say about her session:


"I would like to Thank you for the experience, your calm and positive approach really helped me feel comfortable doing something completely out of my comfort zone. I LOVE the sneak Peak and I can tell you my HUBBY is super impressed too xoxo will definitely be back "


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