Couple Boudoir - M&R
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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I would like to thank-you for giving me and my husband this oppourtunity, it is not something I would have though of. We are extremely glad we did it. I loved working with you and found your work ethic amazing.

I LOVE doing maternity boudoir but unfortunately we don’t get to share a lot of our maternity sessions on our blog. We’re so happy that this gorgeous couple maternity boudoir session, introducing the gorgeous couple  M & R , a big thank you for allowing me to share a couple of your  favourite shots with my followers!


I love boudoir and especially maternity boudoir because I believe women should feel beautiful no matter the stage of life you’re in.  And a couple together capturing this special moment or journey in an intimate way really does capture the "true love" between a couple.

I recommend booking  your session at about 6-8 months when you’re starting to show your bump but don’t feel too “pregnant” yet!




Here is what the stunning couple had to say:

"I have and will continue to recommend Samantha Jackson photography"


  • How you felt before the shoot?

    We were a bit nervous but excited


  • How you felt after the shoot?

    Exhilarated, it was so fun and I felt so close with my husband


  •  How you felt about arriving at the studio - the feel/atmosphere?

     the Studio was very welcoming, coffee and biscuits is such a nice touch, it immediately helps you feel more comfortable


  •  How i made you feel?

    We enjoyed chatting to you before the shoot, it was great to get a feel of you as a person and give you a bit of understanding about who I am and who we are as a couple.


  •  How did you find the Hair and makeup?

    Anchen was incredible, I loved the way my hair and make up looked in the photos, she was professional and I really liked the fact that it didnt take hours



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