Cake Smash - What goes on behind the scenes
Monday, August 20, 2018
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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If you follow my Facebook page and have seen our my website page, you would have seen images of the ?Cake Smash? photo shoots we do for baby’s first birthday.


But unless you have been in the Studio whilst one is taking place you have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes to get those stunning "baby smiling looking gorgeous whilst covered in cake" shots!


I am about to reveal just how much Mom, Dad and I work to get that’ shot . . . This is the "Duckitt Family" Cake Smash shoot, dressed in an adorable matching Mickey Mouse set, while being photographed! These images haven’t been edited at all, they are just as they were taken.  I think there was more icing on their clothes when they left than there was on little one.


For anyone thinking of booking a Cake Smash shoot ? a few tips:


*Don’t assume your baby will dive straight in  stage fright can even affect 1 year olds!

*Bring spare clothes for yourselves AND your baby!

*Don’t book the shoot just after lunchtime or just before nap time.

*Be prepared to get stuck in!

*Encourage the mess, go with it  we do bath the babies before you go home.

* If you or your baby have any allergies please make sure we know about it in advance.

*Bring older siblings along for just the end of the shoot otherwise they will take over.

*Enjoy it the more fun we have the better the images will be!


Don't worry about all that cake everywhere! Thats my job to clean it all up!


Cake Smash shoots are available to book checkout the pricing here ? this is for a 60 minute session and includes a custom designed cake, family shots,  and a soak for baby in a bubble bath at the end of the session (any excuse for some more cutesy shots!).


To check availability please email us.



Test out their love or hate to SMASH!

If your little one isn't a huge mess maker then I suggest a trial run. Set your little one on the kitchen floor and give them a tub of cool whip or pudding/yogurt and let them go to town. I've found allowing them to do this before the smash makes them a little more comfortable sitting on the ground trying to eat cake here with lights and a camera in their face.

Practice: Remember the baby is just one year old, and is often shy of exploring a new texture, shape or taste. Especially when surrounded by adults making funny noises and clapping to egg them on. So, take away the anxiety by doing the TRIAL run.

Are you being a FUD? Before you worry what i am meaning by this let me explain?

Fear – will the cake smash be as exciting as a newborn session?

Uncertainty – should I or parents get the cake?

Doubt – will the baby smash the cake, so we can get good pictures? Let’s smash these one by one. See what I did there. Now that we are over my clever puns, let’s get into it.



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