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Tuesday, December 05, 2017
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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A common question I get is whether or not clients have to get naked for their shoot. The answer is a resounding NO! You DO NOT have to get naked for your boudoir shoot.

You don’t even have to wear lingerie. Boudoir is all about what makes YOU feel sexy. Some women feel sexiest in a bra and panties or a naughty teddy and others feel sexiest in an oversized sweater or a flannel shirt. If you feel sexy then you will LOOK sexy. I firmly believe that sexy is an attitude, not an outfit, a number on a scale or a size on a tag. Your boudoir shoot should be an experience that leaves you confident, excited and glowing and the only way it is going to do that is if you feel great! And you’ll feel best when you are wearing what you love! From plain cotton tanks with simple undies to bulky knit sweaters and knee-high socks, we can rock casual looks just as perfectly as sultry ones!


When you are shopping for sweaters, look for stretchy collars or off-the-shoulder styles! 

Never underestimate the appeal of a plain white tank and cutoff shorts! You can do a million things with this one simple look!


I hope this helps illustrate that

A) You don’t need to get naked for your boudoir photoshoot and

B) That you don’t even have to wear lingerie!


You can show as much or as little skin as you are comfortable with and you’ll look fabulous either way! Sexiness comes from inside, not out. Whether you want a plain cotton tank and panties, a girl-next-door pair of cutoffs and t-shirt, a textured knit sweater, a favorite jersey or a flannel and boots, you will rock it! Bring what you love, what you feel best in and the outfits that make you feel like YOU!


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