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Wednesday, August 02, 2017
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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Introducing this cute couple... (obviously my clients names are important to keep names mentioned here.

Why not consider a couple boudoir session as a date night/day experience with your partner...this is one way to SPICE things up!


This is what they had to say about their boudoir experience with Samantha Jackson Photography


The BEFORE feeling?

Communication is paramount in shoots like this, and from initial communication after 'applying' for the shoot, to meeting with her, her communication was both professional, but friendly enough to make her feel like an old friend. She requested to meet us face to face, which is a process I certainly respect - Sam is excellent enough in her profession to be able to pull off incredible, heart-felt images without necessarily meeting her clients, but the fact that she did meet with us both allowed us to feel like we'd known her for ages, and allowed her to more acutely hone into our nuances as a couple.

The AFTER feeling?

We honestly loved how Sam managed us, and co-ordinated us such that we felt like the entire shoot was just another morning with just the two of us. She had pre-planned all shots beforehand and had a clear process in her mind which eliminated even the possiblity of us not feeling natural throughput the entire process. We simply could not wait to go through all the images with coffee and croissants. We both came out on such a high from the shoot, it was just such incredible fun

How did Sam make you feel?

Sam made us feel like old friends, while symultaneously managing us in a professional and clear manner - this exactly the sort of interaction the client of today needs - to know that they are being provided with a professional service, but also be comfortable enough with the service provider to be open about any doubts, and to laugh freely throughout.


How did you find the Hair and makeup?

The H&M was exquisite, and highlighted my best features while still looking natural, and feeling entirely comfortable. The products used were extremely high quality, and the ultimate overall look was extremely classy but simultaneously sexy.


What else did the couple have to say about their experience?


Just a brief overview of your entire experience with SamanthaJust that we came out of the shoot feeling as though we had just met up with an old friend over coffee, as opposed to the feeling that we were a production line to create images - this makes a massive difference! Also, that hubby never once felt uncomfortable throughout. The manner of communication was clear, and the fact that Sam was constantly guiding us throughout the shoot meant that hubby never felt awkward, or at a loss.

Would they do this again? And why?

I think a boudoir shoot of this nature can certainly evolve with you as a couple. The intimacy Sam manages to capture can be translated as you come to expect children, and are wanting shoots of you as a couple to remember how you wiled away those days waiting for little one to arrive, or when you move into your first home and wish to document those corners of light you fell in love with.


Sam's style can be transposed anywhere there is a calm soft intimacy that needs capturing - so where there is love, there is always a need for her work! :)



So after reading this couples amazing journey with Samantha, would you consider doing a session ...?

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Lucinda Kleinsmith - Hi Samantha it was my anniversary yesterday and I would love to book a shoot. Problem is we are in Nambia and I am not sure when we will be in Cape Town again. My hubby has agreed to do it with me. But I am sure it will take some convincing again before the time. How much will the shoot cost and what is included.